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13 Perks Of Being A Tiny, Fluffy Puppy

It ain't always so bad!

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1. "Catching the ball is way easier when you're my size!"

2. "Being low to the ground means I can hear just about everything, really."

3. "It doesn't take much time to get me back to being clean as a whistle!"

4. "Plus, I always fit in group photos!"

5. "I can easily tell when people are angry - they stomp more!"

6. "Baths are more like adventures!"

7. "Luckily, I'm always the small spoon when it comes to cuddles."

8. "Comparatively, my handshake seems extra impressive due to my size."

9. "Playing hide-and-seek is a breeze!"

10. "Commuting is so cool because there's always space for lil ol' me!"

11. "Going shopping with me means lots of room in the cart - my stuff takes up hardly any space!"

12. "No showerhead is ever too short for me!"

13. "But most of all, I'm the perfect size for any hug. And so are you!"