Look At This Cat With Stunningly Green Eyes, Please

    Minnie is a 4-year-old Russian blue cat who lives in Finland. She'll break your heart with how beautiful her eyes are.

    1. Here's a baby Minnie (left) with her two brothers. Notice how her eyes aren't quite fully amazing yet.

    2. As you can see, Minnie's mother had super captivating eyes.

    3. Here's Minnie today:


    5. She can barely hear you over how fierce she is.

    6. Leashes aren't really en vogue right now, but Minnie still totally rocks one.

    7. Minnie's color game goes way harder than this chair's.

    8. She's not a professional model, but she totally should be.

    9. She has brains and beauty.

    10. Contemplative moods? Check.

    11. Every season is Minnie's favorite season.

    12. Minnie will always listen to you, even if she doesn't agree with what you're saying.

    13. Girl knows how to relax...

    14. ...and stretch...

    15. ...and accessorize. You go, Minnie!