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15 Ways Larry The Pit Bull Keeps It Real

You, too, can learn how to live life to the chillest.

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1. "I like to start my days with a giant smile. I only expect the best!"

2. "Everyone should express themselves by any means possible - even with accessories!"

3. "Showing people I care doesn't take much effort at all. The little things count!"

4. "Some mornings might have grumpy beginnings, but I find a lil joe can kickstart anything."

5. "Sometimes you might think you've lost a friend, but don't forget to look behind you!"

6. "I try to be the best listener ever!"

7. "Since I've got it, of course I'll flaunt it."

8. "Some nights are best spent cuddling up..."

9. "...but movie nights are also a great time, especially with a classic film!"

10. "Everyone could use some TLC every now and then..."

11. "...even if it can get embarrassing in public!"

12. "I never judge myself for needing some 'me-time.'"

13. "Don't forget to get in some exercise! Science says it makes ya happier and healthier, but for me it's just fun!"

14. "Mostly, I just like making other people smile..."

15. "...because that makes me smile, too!"

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