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Kelly Osbourne Has Some Summer Style Advice For Your Pets

Want to know what new summertime style your pet should try out? Kelly Osborne is here to solve your problems.

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Need summer style ideas for your dog buddies? Kelly Osborne recommends ditch clothing for something much more chic.

Photo Courtesy Kelly Osborne / PetSmart

"Animals can sense your emotions, especially if you spend every day with them," explained Kelly. So when you point and laugh at a dog, even though you think it's dressed up super cute, your pooch can sense that you might be mocking it.

That's why Kelly now uses PetSmart's new "Pet Expressions" line of grooming styles, which are non-toxic, "totally safe," and temporary styles to put a little pep in your pooch's step; you can choose between chalking, stenciling or feathering.

These styles are a way for your pets to become even more of themselves; they'll receive "more positive attention and affection!"

Curious about how to apply these safe and fun styles to your pet's look? Kelly took a peek at some of your photos that you submitted on our Facebook and Twitter:


4. "Now I really see him as some sort of sexy pharaoh, and you could get really creative with it..., with his fur length and color you could pretty much do any of the styles. I'd recommend maybe a stencil of some star prints to go with the theme."

"If I get a manicure to make myself feel better, then why wouldn’t I do that for the only thing in my life that doesn’t talk back to me and loves me unconditionally?"