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17 Great Reasons To Smile Today

Today AND every day.

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1. Because the grass is freshly mowed.

2. Because the Starbucks barista spelled your name right.

3. Because your crush totally laughed at your joke.

4. Because you and your BFF get to work on a group project together in school.

5. Because your hair actually cooperated today.

6. Because the weather was literally perfect.

7. Because you got to hear your favorite band totally nail their set.

8. Because you took the day off just to catch up with yourself for a bit.

9. Because you got to visit with friends you haven't seen in forever.

10. Because you totally perfected a new diving trick at camp.

11. Because a random stranger moved out of your way on the sidewalk.

12. Because you met your exercise goal, no matter what it was.

13. Because you made a delicious breakfast and felt like a real grown-up.

14. Because you found $20 in a random pocket.

15. Because you got to sleep in an hour more than usual.

16. Because your favorite Twitter account actually noticed you.

17. Because you decided today was gonna be the best!

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