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15 Ways To Get Out Of Something You Don't Want To Do

Hint: Just use this face.

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1. "Oh, sorry, I can't go to a baseball game with you. I have to catch up on my meditation. I'm soooo behind."

2. "Gah, wish I could help you pick out a gift for your sister's baby, but I'm rearranging all of my furniture that day."

3. "Oh man, sorry dude, can't hang out. I have to talk to my plants. It helps them grow."

4. "Your party is tonight? Dang, I'm sorry. I have to find the source of our ants problem."

5. "My bathroom needs some serious cleaning, if you catch my drift. Can't make it to your yard sale!"

6. "Have you heard of feng shui? Well I just found out about it, so I'm busy this entire weekend. Next time, though!"

7. "Karaoke? Tonight? Yikes, I'm already in the middle of clearing out my DVR and it'll just erase everything if I stop now."

8. "Actually, I can't meet you for drinks after work. I'm practicing my chopsticks skills so I don't embarrass myself anymore."

9. "Planning on running my first seance tonight, but break a leg at your improv show!"

10. "I've got something in the slow cooker, and I'm kiiiiiind of afraid to leave it alone. Soon, though!"

11. "I think I came down with this weird, dry tongue disease? Anyways, can't make it out tonight!"

12. "These leftovers aren't going to eat themselves! Maybe another time, Susan!"

13. "I've been trying to kill a moth, like, all day, so I don't think I can see a movie with you later. Bummer!"

14. "You would not belieeeeeve the clutter on my desk. Really, it's atrocious. I'll definitely hang out with you soon, for sure."

15. "Yeah, I have to get my haircut fixed. No, I'm not kidding."

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