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15 Cats Who Would Like You To Not

These cats are having NONE OF IT.

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1. "I swear, my alarm is set to go off in 10 minutes, so this had better be hella important."

2. "I'm going to need a couple more minutes of Piglet time here."

3. "Do I interrupt you when you're watching TV? Didn't think so."

4. "Listen, my mother just called and reminded me I'm not using my college degree, so now's not the time to talk to me about how my litter box smells."

5. "No, I'm not 'just tired.' I am legitimately perturbed."

6. "Climbing the stairs really took a lot out of me, so please don't rile me up right now."

7. "I need to pretend you aren't here for, like, an hour."


9. "Don't intrude on my quiet area. I need my zen."

10. "Wait, you already put sugar in this??? Great. Teatime is RUINED."

11. "My to-read pile is a perfectly normal size, thanks."

12. "If someone would crank up the radiator around here, I wouldn't have to use this bonus heater."

13. "I need this nature area for my own sanity. Just a place for me to get away from all the other jabbermouths in this house."

14. "Oh, were you about to use this table and ask me to leave? THAT'S FUNNY BECAUSE THAT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. I NEED MY SUN."

15. "But seriously, can you not????"

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