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21 Reasons To Embrace Your Inner Weirdo

It's okay to let your freak flag fly!

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1. Once you embrace your inner weirdo, you can be a sparkly cow dinosaur and not care at all what others think.

2. People will let you sleep however you damn well please...

3. ...even if it's directly up someone else's butt.

4. No one will make fun of how excited you get about BBQ pork morsels.

5. If you're scared of even the most normal things, like vacuums, no one will even notice if you hide a little.

6. You know you're actually super heckin' regal.

7. You're always on the cutting edge of new fashion trends.

8. People have come to expect the best notes from you.

9. Because your friends will want you on every road trip.

10. You're the first to discover the tastiest new snacks in the most unexpected places.

11. You're confident in what sorts of scratches make you feel best.

12. People won't judge you for your running method. Instead, they'll be inspired by it.

13. You're just seen as "eccentric" because you have artwork of yourself around the house.

14. You've perfected your stink eye, and you're not afraid to use it.

15. You are totally allowed to make people call you the "Lion King" and have them treat you as such.

16. People will just have to deal with where you choose to sit, and that's that.

17. Your color coordination is on point, and you'll challenge anyone who doesn't agree with you.

18. Because you're allowed to judge anybody who comes into your home.

19. Since you're the boss of the car, you get to make people call you whatever you want. Like "Mister Maestro."

20. Because when you demand to be carried everywhere, your friends will gladly oblige.

21. And because sometimes when it looks like you're deep in thought, you're really just daydreaming about your next fart.

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