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    How To Host The Perfect Dinner Party

    These 14 easy steps should really help you, and yours cats, throw the best dinner party possible.

    1. Find the perfect recipe!

    2. Ready... set... mise en place!

    "Mise en place" is a French term meaning "to put in place." Gather your ingredients before you start to cook to make life a little easier.

    3. Also, gather your friends.


    4. Find a pan that will fit all of your ingredients.

    Size matters or something.

    5. Don't get frustrated if something goes wrong.

    Even the best (chefs) fall sometimes.

    6. Snack while you cook.

    Because cooking takes forever, and nobody has time for that!

    7. Patiently wait for your food to cook.

    Too much stirring or flipping can ruin a meal, so just keep it casual.

    8. Decide to make bread to go with your meal.

    9. Eat the bread. Enjoy the bread. Become the bread.

    10. Set the table so it looks real fancy.

    11. Make your friends help you hide the mess you made while you were trying to cook.

    12. Give up and order food instead.

    13. Put the leftovers in the fridge for at least a week.

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