How To Deal With Bullies On The Internet

We’ve all been there, so let these animals guide you through the healing/dealing process.

1. So. You’ve been bullied on the internet.

2. You’re not quite sure how cool you are anymore…

3. …or how pretty you might be…

4. …or how hip your favorite hobbies are.

5. Right now you just kind of want to curl up…

6. …and eat your feelings…

9. First of all, don’t forget to chill out.

10. Then take a little break from your computer.

11. Next, allow yourself only five whole minutes to brood. Only five! No more, no less.

12. Then you should find your friends or family members, and let them know you were bothered by something.

13. Next, let them shower you with compliments! You’re actually great and shouldn’t listen to what the haters have to say.

14. And now that it’s all over with, you can get back to being your awesome…

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