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22 Times Norbert The Therapy Dog Warmed Your Heart

Who knew such a small dog could do so much?? Meet Lil Bub's newest partner in crime.

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Lil Bub and Norbert recently teamed up to create a new children's book together!

Facebook: iamlilbub

In honor of this amazing new partnership, here are some classic Norbert moments:

1. When he gave the tiniest of high fives.

2. When he posed with his newspaper article that's just as big as he is.

3. When he daydreamed about what was for dinner that night.

4. When his sweater game was more than on point.

5. When he nuzzled up to a bunny buddy.

6. When he complimented you on your brilliant smile.

7. When he was better in art class, but didn't rub it in anyone's face.

8. When he gave you some advice he heard on Oprah one time.

9. When he wanted to keep to himself for a little while, but still listened to your problems.

10. When he got you flowers as a total surprise.

11. When he didn't want to move over on the couch, because he was so comfy, but he did anyways.

12. When he had some adorable bedhead.

13. When he wanted to show his team pride in the most adorable way possible.

14. When he taught you how to be patient, especially around meal times.

15. When he quietly let you know you had some toilet paper stuck to your shoe and didn't embarrass you at all.

16. When he smiled as he fell asleep and you almost couldn't handle it.

17. When he tooted but apologized so much that no one minded at all.

18. When he didn't want to beg for a bit of your snack, buuuuut.

19. When he couldn't wait to explore the great outdoors.

20. When he danced his lil tush around just to make you laugh.

21. When he turned his Casual Friday look into a really cute outfit.

22. When he was just too dang cool for school.

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