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    19 Ways Your Pets Rang In The New Year

    Hint: this includes a lot of snoozing. BuzzFeedAnimals asked its Twitter followers to show off their #NYEcuties.

    1. The Classy Party

    .@BuzzFeedAnimals Celebrating in style with some bubbly of course! :) #NYEcuties

    2. The Wining and Whining

    3. The Full Circle

    4. The Turned It All The Way Down

    @BuzzFeedAnimals when it's not even 10pm and you're already passed out #lightweight #NYEcuties

    5. The Gentleman's Code

    @BuzzFeedAnimals celebrating in formal attire! #NYEcuties

    6. The Cuddle Puddle

    @BuzzFeedAnimals livin' the life #NYEcuties

    7. The Dress To Impress

    @BuzzFeedAnimals #NYEcuties Silky has his NYE party hat on!

    8. The No-Judgment Zone

    @BuzzFeedAnimals they're all sleeping already. What party poopers! #NYEcuties

    9. The Neighborhood Fireworks Watch

    @BuzzFeedAnimals #NYEcuties Heidi is listening/unsure about the early fireworks

    10. The See Ya Lei-ter 2014

    @BuzzFeedAnimals #NYEcuties Abby is ready to party with her lei on!

    11. The Tiny Hat Club

    @BuzzFeedAnimals will probably be on my lap at midnight

    12. The Princess Pug

    @BuzzFeedAnimals Happy New Year's! #NYEcuties

    13. The Camo Clique

    @BuzzFeedAnimals in Montreal we'er all huddled together for warmth, but I gave them turkey flavored pet food.

    14. The Furrsome Twosome

    NYE = love. #NYEcuties @BuzzFeedAnimals

    15. The Pensive Purrs

    Missing his boy who is out of town for the holidays @BuzzFeedAnimals #NYEcuties #sadkitty

    16. The Kooky Corgi

    Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015! #HappyNewYear #NYEcuties @BuzzFeedAnimals @hellogiggles

    17. The Hedge-log

    @BuzzFeedAnimals Rory is celebrating with his holiday hedgehog & a fresh log 🐰🎉 #NYEcuties

    18. The Strong Yawns

    @BuzzFeedAnimals Not sure Wally’s gonna make it to midnight. #nyecuties

    19. The Snuggliest Snooze

    @BuzzFeedAnimals #NYEcuties no thanks, i think i'll sleep in