Hero Dog Sniffs Out Dangerous Food For 7-Year-Old Owner

LilyBelle is a Goldendoodle who can detect if foods contain nuts, an item that could send Meghan Weingarth, her 7-year-old owner, into anaphylactic shock. Thank goodness for LilyBelle!

LilyBelle successfully completed training that allows her to detect what foods have nuts. Meghan could go into shock if she eats anything that contains peanuts or almonds, so it’s very important that LilyBelle always be on the look-out.

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She raises a paw if any nuts are nearby! In addition to searching out those pesky nuts, LilyBelle can sense if Meghan is about to have a seizure; Meghan has a condition called tuberous sclerosis complex, a genetic disorder that can cause seizures, developmental delays, and epilepsy. LilyBelle can sense when those seizures are about to happen, alerts people around them and then comforts Meghan as best as she can.

Caters News Agency

Essentially, she is a dogtastic superhero. There’s nobody better to be by your side in a time of need than LilyBelle.

Caters News Agency

“If one of them is not in the room they’ll look for one another, they always want to be right next to each other,” said Meghan’s mother. “LilyBelle goes to school with Meghan, hospital appointments, church, grocery shopping, birthday parties. They’re always together. Before LilyBelle things were very challenging, I couldn’t leave Meghan in the room on her own as she always wanted me by her side. It’s great to have that peace of mind as I know as long as LilyBelle is by her side, Meghan will be okay.”

Caters News Agency

Thank you, LilyBelle, for being the very best BFF anyone could ever have! Keep up the good work!

Caters News Agency

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