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    Have You Heard Of "Skinny Pigs"?

    Sit down and learn something today.

    1. This is a skinny pig.

    2. "Skinny pigs" are lil' hairless guinea pigs!

    3. Don't worry, they're just as cute as "normal" guinea pigs.

    4. They love snackies...

    5. ...and spending time with the fam.

    6. Perhaps they have a bit more flare for drama.

    7. And they can get along with just about anyone!

    8. They want to travel the world like everyone else!

    9. They even have the same gusto for cheering on team sports!

    10. And, as usual, never interrupt their naptime. It's sacred.

    11. They care about health, obviously...

    12. ...and just want to make sure you make good choices, too!

    13. They'll even show you how to eat properly, that's how much they care!

    14. So, next time you see a skinny pig out and about...

    15. ...ask about their latest adventure...

    16. ...and send them merrily on their way!

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