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    Jan 29, 2015

    17 Times It's OK To Be A Little Grumpy

    Don't be afraid to get your grump on.

    1. When the flowers try to steal your look.

    2. When the wind attempts to mess up your good hair day.

    3. When butts are all around you.

    4. When your suitcase just won't close, no matter what.

    5. When someone doesn't share the milkshake.

    6. When your bedhead is literally ferocious.

    7. When the atmosphere on the bus tastes realllll funky.

    8. When the weather might have just too much chill.

    9. When your cuddle buddy is a light sleeper.

    10. When the bath is just too warm to leave.

    11. When your date ordered something wayyyyy better than what you got.

    12. When you accidentally lock yourself out.

    13. When no one, not one person, compliments your sweater game.

    14. When your favorite hat is unexpectedly hella linty so you can't even wear it.

    15. When that huge clock won't freakin' shut up already.

    16. When your shower runs out of hot water so you look like a bedraggled rat forever.

    17. When you got stood up at the park and sat on a bench all alone.

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