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    16 Photos That Prove Modern Day Gremlins Are Actually Chill

    They're just like us!

    1. "I enjoy sitting by a warm window."

    2. "Being woken up from a deep slumber is no fun, but I'll get over it."

    3. "Taking time to appreciate the little things is important."

    4. "I didn't think my joke was very funny either."

    5. "Snack time is the best time of day!"

    6. "We're pretty down with alternative nap locations..."

    7. ", really alternative."

    8. "Thanks for understanding why I was running late. My cell had no reception!"

    9. "I can't wait to hang with you!"

    10. "We know how to really liven up a Casual Friday."

    11. "Definitely need to work on my selfie skills, but I think I'm getting better!"

    12. "I've been trying to get into yoga more."

    13. "No one looks good after a nap, it's true."

    14. "The best of friends will stay for the whole sleepover."

    15. "I take personal hygiene super seriously, but so should everyone else."

    16. "But, really, trust us, we've perfected the art of chilling."