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Frenchies Are The New Corgis So Get Used To It

Move over, every other dog breed. Frenchies are adorable and deserve to be in your hearts forever.

Look at these French Bulldogs.

They're not here to mess around.

Frenchies are here to do business. Serious business.

Despite what their name might suggest, Frenchies are very patriotic Americans.

Oh, is it boating time? Frenchies got you covered.

Nap time? They know how to nap hardcore. Hard. Core.

They will conquer* any mighty beast.

Frenchies have one of the best senses of fashion in the entire animal kingdom.

This Frenchie coined the phrase "work hard, play hard."

Bring them to any playground, and be amazed by their sweet skills.

FUN FACT: Shakespeare was inspired by French Bulldogs.

Frenchies make excellent copilots or navigators, whichever you need more in your life.

They also get to hang out with swimsuit supermodel (and funny lady and good cook) Chrissy Teigen.

Frenchies are fine diners.

If you ever need a hiding place, just ask a Frenchie!

Hate going to work every day? So does this guy!

Frenchies will always check the weather before you head out for the day; they don't want you to catch cold!

More like chau-Frenchie-feur!

Worried if your food is too hot to eat right now? Just ask a Frenchie. They're born with an internal food thermometer.

They definitely won't judge you if you wait a day between showers.

They're even big Justin Timberlake fans! What's not to love??

Embrace the new wave of the perfect dog, everyone.

Raise your expectations of what a dog should be.

Don't get TOO excited...

...just keep them comfortable...

...and they'll love you forever.