23 Pets Who Are Experts At Finding Sun Spots

    It's a must-have skill for winter.

    1. "I'm soooo lucky this spot was on a comfy couch."

    2. "Would you mind scooching over a bit? You're almost hogging all the sun here."

    3. "Ugh, looks like I'll have to adjust soon."

    4. "Equal share is only fair!"

    5. "Just the rump is sometimes enough."

    6. "True love means taking the bright sun in the face to save someone else from the same fate."

    7. "If I stretch juuuuust a little bit, it's like all of me is in the spot!"

    8. "Don't interrupt my dreams! I'm frolicing in a giant sun spot in a field!"

    9. "Mark thought I was a dust bunny earlier and tried to sweep me, so just leave me alone for a bit in my happy place."

    10. "Nothin' like a little nature."

    11. "I'll be there or I'll be in a square!"

    12. "Does this make me look too dramatic?"

    13. "Double the sun, double the fun! One dreams of fishies, the other of a run!"

    14. "I'd get up to fetch us some red wine to fit the mood, but I'm far too comfortable here."

    15. "You'd think sitting on such a skinny seat would be hard, but it feels so natural in this sun."

    16. "They don't call me a 'cat loaf' for nothing!"

    17. "Beg pardon? Yes, I plan on being here a while. Find another way out of the house."

    18. "Sometimes the sun makes me stop wherever I am, no matter what I'm doing, and think about all the squirrels who live on this planet."

    19. "I see you see me here. Walk away slowly, and don't touch the blinds."

    20. "Welcome to my sunning chair."

    21. "We have too many pillows! The whimsy is threatening my sun soak!"

    22. "I fit juuuust right in this sunollelagram."

    23. "If he's happy, I'm happy. I guess."

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