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    Jun 24, 2013

    15 Easy Steps To Do The Laundry Of Your Dreams

    Who do you think of when you ponder the words 'laundry experts'? Yup, cats.

    1. Put your laundry in one giant mountain pile.

    2. Start to sort your laundry.


    3. If you feel like it, separate your clothes into different loads.

    4. Find a nice basket.

    5. Make sure it can handle anything you can throw at it.


    6. Good, good basket.

    7. Place all your clothes carefully in a washing machine.

    8. Wait for it to get all nice and clean.

    Maybe re-organize your closet while you wait.

    9. Make up a game called "what is this, can I drink it."

    10. Invent another game called "please watch out, I can't see from inside this basket."

    11. Clothes are done and ready to dry! Hang them up neatly so they don't get wrinkly.

    12. All dry? Good job.

    13. Time to put it away. At some point.

    14. Now that your clothes are clean and put away, it's time to do what you do best: get 'em dirty again.

    15. Repeat steps 1-14. Purrfect.

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