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18 Dogs Just Smiling Up A Storm

Summertime means smiles all around!

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3. "I'm just a lil princess."

4. "Hahaha, selfie o'clock is my favorite time of day!"

5. "Thank you for that utterly delicious meal, sir."

7. "Sweet dreams are made of me."

8. "Good thing being outdoors is my favorite!"

9. "Making a mess is so much more fun with friends!"

10. "Heh, heh. They call me 'Butters' because of my butter-ful body."

12. "Studying's for nerds. ...Good thing I'm a total dork at heart!"

13. "Pleased as pie. And cake. Or cookies. Even ice cream."

14. "Good morning! We get to spend the whole day together, and I couldn't be more excited!"

15. "Say that one joke again. The one about the farmer. That's my favorite one!"

17. "I've perfected my posture. Let's celebrate!"

18. "You're reallllllll nice."