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    21 Adorable Dogs Who Completed The Wedding Day

    Nobody gets the job done better than these guys!

    1. "Today was the ultimate day for me to be a good boy, and I think I nailed it!"

    2. "Congratulations to ME for a job well done!"

    3. "I'm basically the star of the show."

    4. "This outfit really takes things to the next level for me."

    5. "It doesn't even matter that I'm stepping on the dress since I am an integral part of the ceremony."


    7. "Having this much responsibility makes me think maybe I'll be married one day!"

    8. "I take this role very seriously."


    10. "I'm trying to focus on just, like, not tripping over my own feet."

    11. "Ready for anything, dad! Just point me toward the aisle!"

    12. "Flower girl and ring bearer? Yeah, you could call us a power couple!"

    13. "I've never been so nervous! I hope I don't mess anything up."

    14. "We're trying not to smudge your suit, but we're just so excited for you!"

    15. "Phew, I'm so glad the day went off without any problems. No one pooped on the aisle!"

    16. "I don't wanna do anything to wrinkle my suit, so I'll just be here until you need me."

    17. "Between the two of us, we gotcha covered!"

    18. "You can count on this cowboy!"

    19. "I've been practicing my smile for weeks, which is easy cuz this is such a happy thing!"

    20. "I promised myself I wouldn't cry!"

    21. "Congratulations, mom! I'm so, so happy for you! Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day."