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    Definitive Ranking Of The SEC Mascots

    This isn't based on science or sports or other dumb things. This is based on the cute factor.

    14. Vanderbilt University: Mr. C

    For when you want your nightmares to have a face.

    13. University of Mississippi: Rebel Black Bear

    Because a black bear should be REBELLIOUS?!

    12. University of Alabama: Big Al

    Nothing about the Crimson Tide sports culture makes any sense.

    11. University of Arkansas: Big Red

    Facebook: Big-red-university-of-arkansas

    Surprisingly of no relation to the chewing gum.

    10. University of South Carolina: Cocky

    No one likes an overly confident animal. No one.

    9. University of Kentucky: Wildcat

    Any cat who wears basketball shorts to a football game is obviously a member of the SEC. But its fashion sense could use some work.

    8. University of Missouri: Truman the Tiger

    By and large the derpiest of the tiger mascots on this list.

    7. Louisiana State University: Mike the Tiger

    You wouldn't expect so much charisma from a tiger named Mike, but here we are.

    6. Mississippi State University: Bully

    "Bully" as a name for a bulldog seems a bit bland, but he makes up for it with his use of doghouse.

    5. University of Tennessee: Smokey

    He just seems like a real laidback dude.

    4. Auburn University: Aubie

    He's a guy who knows what's up.

    3. University of Georgia: Hairy Dawg, Uga*

    (*This dog is Russ, who was filling in for the Uga bloodline around the 2012 season opening.)

    That dog's mug is amazing.

    2. University of Florida: Albert and Alberta


    1. Texas A&M University: Reveille

    A very classy lady of a dog. Kudos, ma'am.

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