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19 Things Only Farm Cats Will Understand

Daintily roughin' it.

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1. Taking the path least traveled by.

2. Hanging out with other outdoorsy friends.

3. Keeping a close eye on your crops.

4. Relaxing whenever you can, wherever you can.

5. Testing the quality of your farm's sticks.

6. Having to deal with the elements, no matter what, to get the job done.

7. Getting the required amount of exercise, no problem.

8. Making sure the hay's doing alright.

9. Listening to everyone else's problems.

10. Sizing up your tractor's tires periodically.

12. Ensuring the scrap wood is up to snuff.

13. Checking the silo from up high.

14. Easily finding the coziest spot, just in case.

15. Always having a buddy nearby.

16. Finding inner peace from rising with the sun.

17. Creating your own hay bale ride whenever you feel like.

18. Looking out for intruders from the perimeter of your property.

19. Congratulating your team on a job well done!

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