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29 Cutest Moments From North America's First Cat Café

Purina ONE's Cat Café is only open for four days, but you can hang out with adoptable cats while you sip some coffee. Here's the scoop!

Meet your crack cat-reporting team: Chelsea, Lindsey, and Sami.

1. The outside of the café lets you know EXACTLY what you're getting into...

2. ...which is pure cat heaven!

3. All of the cats, 16 in total, come from the North Shore Animal League. Here's their bio wall!

4. You can enjoy a delightful coffee beverage...

5. ...that of course has wonderful foam art on top.

6. Everyone loves the coffee here!

7. And if you're asking yourself why you'd want to visit the café, it's...

8. The cats who opened the café (because that's totally what happened) were very curious about all the passersby.

9. They were also interested in the wares and toys laid out across the space.

10. Some even made a total love connection!

11. Others were just fine checking things out on their own.

12. Everyone was very friendly.

13. And other cats needed just a little time to warm up to everyone visiting their bustling café.

14. This cutie was only intrigued by the most fancy and dangly of toys, one of the perks of owning your own shop.

15. Caffeine is definitely one of the other perks!

16. You know what cafés are good for? Some quiet meditation...

17. ...but not for long!

18. Because it's ALWAYS playtime!

19. Cafés are also good places to have deep conversations, which the cats were willing to open up to us about after some coaxing.

20. "We just want to get the word out about cat health," said this guy.

21. "I don't see the point in dogs," said this cat, on the highly controversial discrimination debate.

22. Sometimes the big surroundings were too much for the hard workers...

23. "Ugh, so many paparazzi!"

24. ...but that's nothing a few scratches couldn't fix!

25. There were plenty of comfy nap spaces, naturally.

26. By the end of the day, the cats were very pleased with their business so far.

27. The cats were also happy with the human helpers' job well done!

28. After a quick managers' meeting, it was time to close up for the day.

29. Here's our hard-hitting interview with the cats themselves:

View this video on YouTube

The music snippets are from "Meow Meow Meow Kitty Song" by m0d.

Purina ONE's Cat Café is all about cat adoption and health education! It's open April 24-27, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. Stop by for coffee drinks and baked goods while you play with cats who are up for adoption through the North Shore Animal League. Head to 168 Bowery, New York, NY, 10013 some time these next few days!

If you're unable to come to the café April 24-27, you can watch some of the speakers and check in on the cats on the Livestream!

All photos taken by Chelsea Marshall and Lindsey Robertson for BuzzFeed.

UPDATE: Here's a Livestream if you can't make it out to the store!