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Posted on Nov 13, 2013

18 Cute Cozies Your Tortoise Can Rock This Winter

Etsy shop MossyTortoise has your little guy covered with these adorable "yard-finders."

1. Jolly Ol' Santa

2. Rainbow Dragon Extraordinaire

3. Hamburglar (OF YOUR HEART)

4. Cake Is The New Black

5. Downton Crabby

6. Tort O'Lantern

7. Something Turkey This Way Comes

8. Sports References

9. Best Bumblebuddy Forever

10. Tasty Turkey Tortoise

11. Dinofrog Wanderer

12. Where Did We Hide The Eggs

13. Biiiiiiiiiig Apple

14. Taco Tuesday Tortoise

15. Ba-num Ba-num Ba-num

16. Stortoisesaurus

17. Not All Spiders Are Evil

18. Aim For The Moon Because If You Miss You'll Still Land Among The Stortoises

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