18 Cats Who Think Life Is A Shampoo Commercial

    Beauty is in the fur of the beholder.

    1. "Yeah, I barely even use product."

    2. "'The Brady Bunch' taught me to brush my hair 100 times a day."

    3. "Obviously my main intimidation factor is my beautiful hair."

    4. "The breeze feels so refreshing through my natural locks!"

    5. "Face-fluffing is the next big beauty trend."

    6. "My whole body is gorgeous!"

    7. "Which camera should I be looking at?"

    8. "This setting looks like it would make a good Instagram, right?"

    9. "Yes, good, more. I need to be ready for my close-up."

    10. "I heard pretending to look interested can make you seem cuter."


    12. "Hey, don't mess up my fur. Easy on the scratches."

    13. "Don't cross us unless you want to get sassed up."

    14. "Moody modeling is totally my forte."

    15. "Gotta stop and smell the flowers every once in a while, y'know? Plus, they really bring out my stripes."

    16. "I saw you sneaking a pic. Don't worry, I'm flattered!"

    17. "What do you MEAN I'm too dramatic?!"

    18. "Accessories are my favorite thing. Next to a good shampoo of course."