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    Posted on Dec 2, 2013

    21 Cats Who Must Be Training For Something Sneaky

    They're so active and weird, but WHY?

    1. "I'm just trying to get my protein levels up!"

    2. "What, this? This is casual, everyday stuff. Nothing to see here."

    3. "Workin' on my core teeth strength."

    4. "Gotta get strong bones and teeth!"

    5. "No slide, no pride."

    6. "Every DAY I'm hustlin'... around corners... to build agility."

    7. "Don't adjust your eyes, I'm not in fast-forward. Just trying to get my bed patrol time down!"

    8. "...yes I nailed it."

    9. "Practice makes purrfect. I will get there eventually, alright."

    10. "In a single bound! Don't be alarmed!"

    11. "I do NOT appreciate you belittling my attempts at athleticism."

    12. "Must. Get. Upper. Body. STRENGTH."

    13. "I'm helping myself and others all at the same time."

    14. "Neck exercises are just as important as everything else!"

    15. "Oh, come on, I'm just as good as most people at this."

    16. "Potty training still counts as training, right?"

    17. "I, too, don't know how I got here. But am I proud? Yes."

    18. "I move quickly like the night!"

    19. "No cat here, sorry."

    20. "Sometimes I like to take a break and train other animals."

    21. "...Not quite."

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