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17 Beautiful Photos That Will Convince You To Adopt A Cat

Girls and Their Cats capture what life is like for adopted cats in the big city.

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1. "Us city cats make excellent reading buddies."

2. "We'll listen to your rhythms and blues."

3. "If you're lucky, we won't mind being picked up at all."

4. "You'll have our undivided attention, until something shiny comes along!"

5. "City cats give excellent fashion advice, since we're the ones who get to see your nails up close every day."

6. "The more, the merrier!"

7. "If you wanna get artsy, we won't judge!"

8. "We're just grateful someone decided to give us a home."

9. "Thank you for taking care of us!"

10. "Any little snacky is much appreciated!"

11. "We go with any outfit!"

12. "We're happy we found someone to love us, no matter what!"

13. "Basically, being adopted was the best thing ever!"

14. "Living in the city can be tough sometimes..."

15. "...but with a nice comfy bed..."

16. "...and some quality bonding time..."

17. " cats and our girls couldn't be happier!"