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14 Cats Celebrating Left-Handers Day

OK, it might be a bit tricky to be left-handed, but these cats don't think it's that bad!

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1. "I love using my special left-handed notebook paper!"

2. "Using new techniques to read the newspaper makes my life easier and less ink-stained!"

3. "So glad there are more options for cupholders in cars!"

4. "This binder was made special for me!"



6. "Opening drawers is a snap!"

7. "Chairs? No problem!"

8. "With tablets, I don't have to worry about weird desks affecting my writing abilities!"


9. "Having a buddy feed me means no more bumping elbows at the table!"

10. "I opened this box using left-handed scissors, and it was awesome!"

11. "Being a musician is easier than ever!"

12. "Look! I can sew, just like everyone else!"

13. "Plus, style is universal. No troubles there!"

14. "Tails, though, tails are still a bit tricky."