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16 Reasons There Should Be A "Cat Owner Appreciation" Day


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1. You clean up poop in your own home, like, all the time.

2. Shedding will always be a thing. Always. Cat hair is everywhere forever.

3. It took you forever to find a food they actually want to eat.

4. You put up with little cat scratches and bites every now and then.

5. Your cords have been replaced NUMEROUS times.

6. They contribute literally zero funds to the household. They don't even have a résumé!!

7. Because you never know when you'll be randomly woken up!

8. Cats chew on every corner of furniture possible, even if you give them appropriate toys for that urge.

9. You haven't been alone in your bathroom in years.

10. Water is spilled almost constantly in your home.

11. You hear very hurtful "cat lady" jokes and just have to put up with them.

12. Their butthole? Yeah, it's been EVERYWHERE.

13. You're all too familiar with the "cat hair tumbleweed" effect.

14. Their toys look like mice, but sometimes they even bring you real mice. Real dead.

15. They, and any other fuzzy buddy, steal your bed all the dang time.

16. But despite all of this, the love they show you is by far a reward!

Kitties make excellent TV buddies. #BB17

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