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    YouTube Darling Mamrie Hart Announces New Book

    You Deserve A Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery already sounds like a treasure of a read.

    It's finally here! Mamrie Hart, the star of "You Deserve A Drink" on YouTube, has announced the next part of her world domination plan: her book!

    Mamrie announced her book in a video update this week.

    BASK IN ITS GLORY! The book will include tales from her past along with drink recipes to go with each one.

    Mamrie compared working on the book to "giving a fucking hippo a piggyback ride for nine months," so she's OBVIOUSLY stoked for it to hit shelves next summer.

    She joins her BFFs Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart (aka YouTube's "Holy Trinity") as members of an exclusive club: YouTube stars who are also baller authors.

    Plus, Zoella's, one of the ~British~ YouTube sensations, book has also been wildly successful.

    This week, the three women also celebrated a big milestone: the release of their feature film Camp Takota on Netflix US! Congrats all around!

    Watch Mamrie's full announcement here, with the added bonus of her fabulous pooch, Beanz:

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