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24 Very Important Corgi Sploots

Don't get left behind on the #corgisploot trend.

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1. The "Nap 'Em If You've Got 'Em" Sploot

2. The "Nothing Better Than A Cool Tile" Sploot

3. The "Coyest Of Them All" Sploot

4. The "2 Cool 4 Pool" Sploot

5. The "Good Things Come In Double Packages" Sploot

6. The "Ain't Gonna Make It" Sploot

7. The "Looooooooong" Sploot

8. The "My Bed Is Fluffier Than I Am" Sploot

9. The "Good Morning, We Smell Bacon" Sploot

10. The "My Shadow Is As Short As My Temper" Sploot

11. The "Maybe I'll Catch A Breeze Soon" Sploot

12. The "You Half Gotta Be Kidding Me" Sploot

13. The "Snow Business Like Sploot Business" Sploot

14. The "Family Who Sploots Together Stays Together" Sploot

15. The "Summertime Splootness" Sploot

16. The "Reluctant Participant In Festive Activities" Sploot

17. The "Couch Splootato" Sploot

18. The "Cautiously Thoughtful" Sploot

19. The "I See What You Did There And I'd Prefer To Not" Sploot

20. The "My View Is Splootworthy" Sploot

21. The "Phases Of The Moon/Sploot" Sploot

22. The "Are You Charmed By My Smirk?" Sploot

23. The "Fluffy Loaf" Sploot

24. The "Look Back At It" Sploot