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33 Bleps That Shook The World

Blep (noun): the tiniest amount of tongue that could be shown.

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1. The Blankie Blep

Warning: may lead to excessive drooling.

2. The Potty Blep

Though risky to pull off, the Potty Blep can turn a terrible situation into a much cuter one.

3. The "SURPRISE!" Blep



5. The Baby Blep

Arguably one of the cutest, and smallest, of all the bleps. LOOK AT HIM LEARNING!!!

6. The Couch Potato Blep

This blep only happens after an epic Netflix marathon.

7. The Oreo Blep

Goes well with milk.


9. The Starry-Eyed Blep

This blep is stuck in a romantic daydream, please don't disturb it.

11. The High and Mighty Blep

Location, location, location.


13. The "Oh, You!" Blep

This blep isn't mocking you at all! It finds you to be very precious.

14. The Pantry Blep

This blep will still be good even months from now!

16. The Dainty Blep

Only to be attempted by truly ladylike folks.


17. The Boxed Blep

Can be shipped internationally in order to share the cute!

18. The Ballerina Blep

Only for true dancers at heart! Also: don't breathe in too deeply.

19. The Soulful Blep

Nobody knows the trouble this blep has seen. Nobody knows its sorrow.

20. The Giggle Blep

Tip: tell a great joke to get this blep!


21. The "Cindy Crawfod" Blep

Adds a touch of class, don't you think?

22. The Coy Blep

This blep might just be flirting with you!

23. The Snoozing Blep

Tiptoe when you see this blep. It's catching up on its much needed rest!

24. The Calculus Blep

No one will understand this blep. No one at all.


25. The Outdoorsy Blep

The rarest of all bleps!

26. The Leggy Blep

Long legs make for a more intriguing blep.

27. The Contemplative Blep

This blep has some serious thinking to do.

28. The Lopsided Blep

Although it's a bit crooked, this blep still gets the job done!


29. The Blank Stare Blep

Dangerous thoughts could be lurking behind this blep. Tread carefully.

30. The Poker Face Blep

Is this blep mad? Is it in love with you? Is it about to slap you right across the mouth? No one can tell!

31. The Squinty Blep

This blep requires EXTREME focus.

32. The Incredulous Blep

This blep can't even believe what you're saying to it right now.

33. The Majestic Blep

Of all the bleps, this one is truly worthy of royalty!