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17 Reasons Why 2015 Will Be The Year Of The Quokka

Get onboard the quokka train!

1. They are always happy to run into you on the street and won't awkwardly dodge away.

2. Baby quokkas (joeys!) are palm-sized just for cuddles.

3. Even if you totally forgot to put on deodorant today, they'd never embarrass you over it!

4. They make great parents and make sure their kids get enough playtime outside.

5. Everyone could learn a thing or two about snacking from these guys.

6. Just in case you need a plant identified, quokkas happen to be experts.


8. Pairs of quokkas who snack together are officially called "snackkas*."

9. They'll only accept a beautiful bunch of flowers as a gift, because they respect nature too much to ever want material items.

10. Unlike some of your friends, quokkas totally listen to every bit of your stories, like, for real.

11. In addition to being the most polite creatures on the entire face of the Earth...

12. ...they're also the most enthusi-freaking-astic!

13. They've been known to pitch in and help with yard work if they really need to.

14. Quokkas tend to invite people over for a nice home-cooked meal every so often; they'll even wait for their guests by the door to greet them as soon as they arrive.

15. Everyone can learn lessons in gratitude from these little ones. Look how happy she is to receive just a tiny sprig!

16. Within reason, quokkas will never let you pay if you eat together at a restaurant.

17. And best of all, quokkas just want to be your BFF!