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16 Tips From Excellent Kissers

Trust these experts.

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1. Whisper a joke right before you make your move.

2. Make sure your kissing partner is comfortable.

3. Be adventurous and surprising!

4. Don't be afraid to show a little PDA in moderation.

5. Match your kissing buddy's mood.

6. Don't be afraid to express your true feelings.

7. Experiment with the amount of tongue you use. Find what feels right!

8. Let your kissing partner know you'll never mind their level of facial hair.

9. And that their eyewear will never get in the way of your affection.

10. Remember that size doesn't matter.

11. Take your time! Kissing needn't be rushed.

12. Try out new configurations. You'll never know what ya might like until you find out

13. Remember that a little can go a long way!

14. If you're gonna capture the big moment in a photo, make it candid.

15. Sometimes use your kisses to thank your kissing buddy for something small or unexpected.

16. And most importantly: always follow your heart!

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