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21 Baby Pugs Who Are Basically Just Cute Little Aliens

Lil aliens you just wanna cuddle!

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1. "I commandeered this transportation vessel for just a bit."

2. "This is how I recharge my adorable levels."

3. "Greetings! And surprise!"

4. "Your ground has so much more texture than I expected."

5. "Do you keep all of your elders outdoors?"

6. "Your sun is quite warm, and it pleases me."

7. "Though I haven't been here long at all, your technology was easy to master."

8. "It's so easy to make new friends here!"

9. "You guys topple over pretty often too, right? Like, this is normal? Cool."

10. "Why do you keep saying 'it's just like The Lion King,' because I don't see any lions around here?"

11. "You should definitely feel lucky to live here!"

12. "Is THAT a puppy, too?!"

13. "Don't make fun of my diminutive size."

14. "Your fashions may take some getting used to... No offense."

15. "Pretty much the best sticks I've ever seen. Well done on the stick front."

16. "Playtime is the best here!"

17. "Your cooling mechanisms are most delightful, thank you."

18. "A planet with comedy? What more could I ask for!"

19. "Um, of course I'd like a belly rub."

20. "I didn't know someone could own so many shoes!"

21. "My goodness, your horses are massive."
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