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An Ode To Pub Cats

A series of limericks dedicated to those majestic, beautiful creatures who keep you company in your times of drink.

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Good cats will join you for a drink...

...and better cats will tell you if you stink.

...they'll come when they're able.

Don't wake the cat with your glasses' clink.

Pub cats don't mind being friends...

...especially if your lap you lend.

...and listen to what they have to say.

Don't insult them or they'll have to defend.

Sometimes pub cats dress like the bard...

...To them being cute isn't hard.

...with some Huey Lewis and the News.

Underage? Then they'll ask for your card.

Every staring contest they're sure to win...

...because to them working hard is a sin.

...and they'll claim their prize.

But they'll never show how they grin.

Please be sure to give them a good scratch...

...before they cast their drinks down the hatch. they'll say "nice to meet ya!"

And they'll know if you're a good match.