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An Inspiring Friendship Between A Golden Retriever And A Kitten

Instagram user shimejiwasabi showed us how new friendships can heal anything. (H/T Bored Panda)

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In August, the world lost Wasabi-chan, a small kitten who needed lots of love. This left her best buddy, Ponzu, without someone to look after.

Back in October, Ponzu's owner, Jessiepon, ended up rescuing a kitten who was abandoned by her mother.

As you can see, Ponzu took to her right away...

...and became an instant snuggle nest.

Not just anyone can give kittens a proper bath.

Baby Ichimi was already learning how to show off her excellent tummy.

They soon became best buds, because only best buds have this much patience for each other...

...and this much sass for any haters.

Synchronized nap times? Check!

Even Christmas was a success!

BFFs make for great accessories, obviously.

Thanks to everyone's hard work and attentive care, little Ichimi has grown into a healthy kitten who gets lots of love!

And Ponzu is more than happy to take care of a rambunctious little one.

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