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22 Kitten Reactions For Everyday Situations

Kittens understand way more than you'd think.

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4. When your date is going well...until all of a sudden:


8. When your friends don't want to leave the bar yet but you really do:


9. When you refuse to change the channel from your stories:

10. When you forget your sunglasses:

11. When someone almost reads your journal but you stop them in time:

12. When you actually try to do something constructive around the house and your roommate criticizes it:

13. When you thought you were home alone so you did a lil' dance:

14. When you bravely try a new cuisine:


17. When you fall asleep while getting into some 'za:

18. When your organization system falls apart:

20. When your date wants to go on a picnic but you're not sure about that:

21. When your Zumba instructor goes too fast but you're trying:

22. When you smell dinner before it's done cooking: