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21 Life Lessons For Cool People Only

Dean the Basset is only the coolest dude around, so you can trust what he has to say.

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1. "Always have a sweet pair of shades, just in case."

2. "A good stick can go a long way when it comes to first impressions."

3. "Don't waste your time on ducks."

4. "Take your time getting up on the weekends. Life is short."

5. "If life's got ya down, just remember there's plenty of time left to show off how much more awesome you are than everyone else."

7. "If you're hungover, wear sunglasses. Works every time."

8. "Make time for breakfast in the morning. It's important, I promise."

9. "Do things you don't like sometimes. It'll make your friends happy."

10. "Give a pretty lady a flower! But only if you know her, otherwise that's a little creepy."

12. "Eat your veggies, dude. No complaints."

13. "Use a rainy day to practice your killer smirk."

14. "If you're tired, sleep. It can be anywhere, just sleep."

15. "Go into meetings with hella confidence. People will auto-respect you."

16. "Never hide how you really feel. Show your emotions!"


18. "Take the long way sometimes. You never know what you'll end up seeing."

19. "Make time for your best buds."

20. "If you start life being super fresh..."

21. "...ya better stay fresh for #lyfe."

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