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    27 Adorable Reminders That The World Isn't Falling Apart

    We all get stressed out sometimes, but that's why the cute part of the internet exists!

    1. Take a deep breath, and come on in!

    2. Take a look at Lil Bub. Do you think she gets stressed about anything? Not at all. Be the Bub.

    3. Sit in a new and creative way to get a new perspective on life.

    4. Enjoy a sweet treat, because you deserve it!

    5. This cat and a dolphin are BFFs because it is 2013 AND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

    6. Listen to your friend's problems, and let them listen to yours.

    7. Take some time to rediscover an old hobby!

    8. Tell someone just how much you love them.

    9. Morning commutes CAN be awful, but they don't have to be. Bust out some slammin' jams.

    10. Read a book instead of spending hours on the internet.

    11. Look at this fabulous dog who is totally rocking a new haircut.

    12. Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

    13. "WHAT IS THIS, A POOL?!"

    14. This cat knows she's a diva, and she loves it.

    15. Bring some friends wherever you go with the brand-new "POCKITTENS."

    16. Meeting new people can be a fun new way to change things up. Get out there!

    17. Please don't ask this dog to go for a walk, because he really, REALLY doesn't want to right now. Give him a minute.

    18. Be like this kitten who is discovering shoes for the first time, and like, why do we even need these things?

    19. This corgi is emerging from the wintry tundra of his snowhouse, and he is ready for ANY adventure!

    20. Thank goodness dogs aren't afraid to be goofy...

    21. ...or extremely happy.


    23. Maybe you just need a quick massage (or two) (or five) (or just a lot of massages).

    24. This dog is wonderful at gardening...

    25. ...and this dog's been a farmer all his life.

    26. So enjoy this tiny tub of pup-corn...

    27. ...and scroll through only the cutest parts of the internet for a while. You'll feel better.