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    22 Adorable Cats Who Happen To Be Polydactyl

    Polydactyl cats, or Hemingway cats, are known for their unique number of toes. It's just more to love!

    1. "Why hello there!"

    2. "D'you mind if I snag this seat?"

    3. "I make the perfect couch buddy."

    4. "My toes could never get in the way of a good nap."

    5. "Just working on my stretches!"

    6. "Shhhh, let's play the quiet game."

    7. "Being dramatic is my second favorite activity. (Being cute is my first.)"

    8. "Almost can't contain my cuteness!"

    9. "Hmm, I totally disagree with the judges' decision on this episode of Chopped. Totally all wrong."

    10. "Don't be intimidated that we run in a pack. We don't bite!"

    11. "My toes make puzzles both more difficult and more fun."

    12. "Pleased to meet you, charmed I'm sure."

    13. "I'm a total flower child at heart."

    14. "Sorry! No space here. Can't share even a little bit."

    15. "Yoga is better with a buddy!"

    16. "Wait...what did I come out here to do? I totally forgot. Classic me!"

    17. "You brought me a pie? What a nice neighbor. I'll try to bring you a mouse some time this week."

    18. "Chillaxin' to the max, man. Can't make it out tonight."

    19. "I bet I love boxes way more than you! Wanna bet me on it?"

    20. "Could I have a belly rub, please? I promise it's not a trick..."

    21. "Mid-dashboard is way better than shotgun."

    22. "Gotta. Have. My. Treats."

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