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    19 Dogs Celebrating "Take Your Dog To Work Day" To The Fullest

    It's "Take Your Dog To Work Day," and these dogs are already crushing it.

    1. "I found the bottom line for you."

    2. "Can we get a keyboard extender over here?"

    3. "Are there cookies at this work?"

    4. "Outdoor wifi is such a total blessing. You're so lucky to work here!"

    5. "Let's talk social strat."

    6. "Yeahhhh, a cubicle this size isn't really going to work for me."

    7. "Could you get the phone for me? I don't have any thumbs, haha. Guess that wasn't on the application!"

    8. "Is it normal to constantly rethink your choices that got you here?"

    9. "Lunch is soon. That's not a question."

    10. "We keep it business-super-casual. It works out!"

    11. "Ahhhh, yes, I get the proper spot of sun that I deserve."

    12. "Napping just makes me... y'know... more productive... in the long run."

    13. "This whole 'work' thing doesn't seem so bad!"

    14. "Working is full of smiles!"

    15. "Oh, sorry, I thought you were talkin' to that guy."

    16. "How do I forward a chain letter?"

    17. "We're here to kick butts and take names and drink milk."

    18. "These graphs seem wrong... but what do I know! I'm a dog!"

    19. "Phew! I'm pooped! How do you do this every day, jeez."

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