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16 Things You Should Do On Slothsgiving

Never leave your house!

1. Take a much deserved nap!

2. Order up a pizza, in case you don't feel like cookin'.

3. Just watch some Netflix all day long.

4. Text your friends instead of actually hanging out with them.

5. Go outside for some fresh air, but don't, like, exercise or anything.

6. Do some online shopping you've been meaning to get to.

7. Give your nearest pal a squeeze.

8. Chillax in the tub for a while.

9. Read, like, four books all in one day.

10. Catch up on your correspondence, or those Thank You notes you never got around to writing.

11. Work on your tan.

12. Try sitting in a different chair than your usual spot.

13. Alphabetize your CD collection.

14. Or color coordinate your closet.

15. Start thinking about all the scandalous things to put in your tell-all memoir.

16. But most importantly, gather your friends together for a true Slothsgiving feast!