11 Easy Steps To Become An Adorable Puppy

Thanks to the cutest livecams from Explore.org, you can now learn how to be a proper puppy. BONUS: Catch a recently launched puppy cam — golden retrievers who will become loyal service dogs — at the bottom of this post!

1. Wake up early in the morning, even if you’re still sleepy! This will ensure you can pack the most amount of cute into your day.

2. Forget about personal space when it comes to family, just forget about it.

3. Tell the truth right to someone’s face. They’ll still love you, and they’ll appreciate the honesty.


5. If your tummy says it wants more food, go get you some.

6. Use tickle fights as a means of settling disputes. Eventually someone will give in, plus it’ll be a good time had by all.

7. Mealtime conversation is OPTIONAL. There is food to be snarfed up!

8. Never listen to the haters.

9. Look both ways before crossing the backyard because what if there’s a squirrel in one corner but not in the other???

10. Trust the ice in your life. It’s not a mystery monster like you think it is at first.

11. Establish your rank in the pecking order of life, but don’t forget to look for opportunities to advance!

To see these pieces of advice in action, check out these cute puppy professionals in this livecam:

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All of the puppy cams are brought to you by Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities, Service Dog Project, and Warrior Canine Connection. They’ll be trained to become accredited service dogs who will assist war vets and people with disabilities such as PTSD. Good job, dogs!

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