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10 Ways Maru Cats Around Better Than Other Cats

He's far too humble to admit it, but Maru is pretty much an expert at being the best cat possible.

1. Ugh, this party is super loud and super awful.

Maru, on the other hand, knows how to celebrate like a gentleman.

2. This cat can't seem to comprehend how faucets work with his tiny, tiny brain.

Maru fixed this bathtub's drain in, like, two minutes flat.

3. You know how cats try to jump and they totally end up failing and looking like total losers?

They're not like Maru, who lands this Olympic-quality feat probably without breaking a cat-sweat.

4. This cat is going nowhere -- both with this exercise regimen and in life.

It's not like Maru NEEDS a workout partner, but he uses this one to make his biceps sweet/dope.

5. Some cats let children's toys walk all over them...

...but not Maru.

6. Stretch like an alien? Get out of here immediately.

On a scale of 1 to MAJESTIC, Maru clearly earns high marks.

7. When it comes to boxes, don't even try to compare yourselves, you horrible excuses for cats.

8. Pathetic.

9. Is this some sort of joke?

10. Aww, is the little baby gonna CRY about how un-awesome they are?

Ahh, much better. Such grace.

Such ease.

Such perfection.

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