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    26 People Give Their Hottest Coffee Takes

    Agree to disagree.

    I like my coffee like I like my opinions about coffee: strong.

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    And I wanted to find out how other people felt about it, so I asked around for the most unpopular opinions on my beloved bean water! Here they are:

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    Charlie: The country your beans come from doesn't matter at all. The taste is mostly the roast and the preparation, and a little bit the varietal.

    Sagar: Ethiopian beans = the best.

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    Sam: Drip coffee is actually the smartest coffee shop order. Why? Because it’s consistent. It’s literally dosed out the same way every time, and that dose was measured by people who cared about appealing to a lot of people.

    Maizy: Instant coffee, while not a replacement for regular coffee, is quite yummy.

    Robert: Whenever I drink coffee made with a percolator, I get gas. They should be banned.

    Susan: You can brew coffee like you brew tea! I use tea pods and just get hot water from the watercooler.

    Lonnie: Cold brew doesn't taste as good as regular brewed coffee with ice.

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    Tory: Hot coffee needs to be HOT. Like absolutely scalding hot. I will always make sure my takeout cup is capable of burning my tongue off, whether that is asking for the milk to be steamed, even if I just want a small amount, or for my cup to be microwaved. If it cools off too much while I’m on the go, I will wander into a store pretending to look around and innocently ask if they happen to have a microwave they could pop it into. Not an ounce of shame.

    Clark: A cold brew on a hot day is great, but have you ever forgotten about a cup of coffee only to discover and drink it later — lukewarm and lovely? It’s like finding money in your pocket if that money jolted you awake.

    Tim: My “hot” take is hot coffee is too hot. I’m done with hot coffee and hot beverages in general. Too much stress. I just want the stuff in me. I got no time to mess around. Plus if I shoot my shot too early, take a sip, and burn my tongue, now I’m drinking a drink that tastes like pain.

    Matt: It is perfectly acceptable to heat up day-old coffee in the microwave and drink it.

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    Gabe: Can we talk about Turkish coffee for a second? It's gritty, black, and super sweet — a flavor and textural nightmare!|

    Gracie: I really, really like it to have a cinnamon flavour added. Also, cream and sugar are disgusting.

    Kemi: Coffee without oat milk should be illegal.

    Eric: Almond milk is only good in cold drinks

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    Frank: We don't drink coffee for the caffeine; we just like our warm little co-pilot.

    Kyle D.: No more shaming people for ordering decaf. I order decaf when it’s late! I just like the taste of coffee...okay…and that’s the tea.

    Jonathan: Drinking more than a fluid ounce of coffee is irresponsible.

    Mariana: People who order “half-caf” anything should go to jail.

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    Kyle R.: I don’t understand why I’m paying you three extra bucks to draw a leaf or a heart on the top of my coffee. At the end of the day, it’s just going into the abyss of my stomach. No art necessary!

    Alina: Coffee has nothing to do with why millennials aren’t buying homes.

    Arielle: I think it's perfectly fine for kids to drink coffee. I actually find it weird that kids are often “not allowed” to drink it.

    Karsten: People who apologize for rude behavior before coffee are just rude people!

    Devon: Expensive coffee is a hipster-dominated racket. I’m perfectly happy paying $8 for over two pounds of the bulk stuff.

    Carissa: Coffee SHOULD be expensive. It’s from halfway across the world.

    Daniel: The only good coffee opinion is that everybody has terrible coffee opinions.

    What are your spiciest coffee takes? Sound off in the comments!