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    14 Innovative Father's Day Gifts To Give Dad This Year

    From the handy dad to the stylish dad, here are 14 gifts to consider giving dad this Father's Day to make shopping for him easy!

    1. For the sentimental dad: a customizable picture book

    2. For the culinary dad: cookware that does it all

    3. For the dad who appreciates a clean house: an automated vacuum and mop

    4. For the stylish dad: a compact leather wallet

    5. For the handy dad: high performance duct tape

    6. For the dad who cherishes moments with their daughter: Twin face masks

    7. For the Dad who wants a little spice in their life: a spice subscription box

    8. For the stressed-out dad: a deep tissue massage wheel

    9. For the dad who wants a smooth drink: Michael Jordan's tequila

    10. For the dad who is a kid at heart: a smartphone-controlled paper airplane

    11. For the clean-cut dad: an electric shaver

    12. For the dad who loves golf: a transportable putting mat

    13. For the saucey dad: sizzling hot sauces

    14. For the dad who loves adventure: a box filled with experiences