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    11 Holiday Gifts For Dogs That Will Have Them Barking For More

    Looking for ideas on what to give your best companion this holiday season? Celebrate the holiday season with your dog by gifting them entertaining, healthy, and nutritious toys, supplements, and treats as we celebrate the winter season of gift giving!

    1. SodaPup Durable Dog Toys

    Many pet owners are stuck in a cycle of buying new toys to keep their dog entertained and avoid having their couch and shoes chewed up! This holiday season, buy SodaPup toys that will entertain your dog for hours! SodaPup specializes in the design and manufacturing of durable dog toys and canine enrichment products that will cut down your trips to the pet store for long lasting fun. These toys will challenge your dog to get the treats out of the toy, helping to stimulate their brain all while having fun! These toys can be found at Walmart, Amazon, or on their website.

    2. Solid Gold Nutrient Meal Topper

    Meet your dog's new favorite supplement treat! Solid Gold products help promote gut health and overall immune support, powered by plasma. Their meal topper is grain and gluten free, and is perfect for dogs at any stage in life. Solid Gold meal toppers can be added to any kibble to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. You can find this meal topper at Petco, Amazon, or on their website.

    3. Bodhi Dog Bath Brush + Massager

    The most dreadful day for both dogs and humans is bath day, where dogs try and avoid the bath at all costs no matter how dirty they get! Pet owners can make bath time easy and relaxing for both them and their dog with Bodhi Dog Bath Brush and Massager. This brush is an effective, gentle brush that scrubs away dirt, grime, and loose fur without pulling on hair. While gently cleaning all the dirt and grime, this brush has massaging bristles to help relax your dog. No more fighting and resisting bath day with the help of the Bodhi Dog Bath Brush + Massager. This brush is available on Amazon or their website.

    4. Pet Releaf Hemp Health Edibites

    Give your pup a treat that will relax and rejuvenate dogs that are hyper, anxious, or simply had a rough day. Pet Releaf CBD-Infused Edibites contain 3.08 mg of full spectrum, 100% natural hemp oil formulated with chamomile to promote relaxation, giving you and your pet peace of mind. These treats come in five different flavors that help promote various health benefits, guaranteed to find a flavor your dog will love! These treats are available at Petco or on their website.

    5. Hyper Pet Doggie Pals

    Hyper Pet is the perfect interactive holiday toy for your dog! Hyper Pet Doggie Pals are motion activated and wiggle and bark to catch your dog's attention. With six Holiday-themed doggie pals launching at PetSmart in November, not only will your pup will be encouraged to exercise, play, fetch, retrieve, and have fun but they'll be rockin' around the Christmas tree too! Regular toys are currently available at Walmart, Amazon, or their website. Christmas addition toys will be available at PetSmart and their website starting November 1.

    6. Doggy Delirious Dog Treats

    Reward your dog this holiday season for listening to your command requests, or for just simply being a good companion! Treat your dog to Doggy Delirious dog treats, available in various flavors. The treats are 100% human-grade and made with simple ingredients that are non-GMO and free from preservatives, chemicals, and animal by-products. Find these treats at Sam's Club, Amazon, or on their website.

    7. The Anxious Pet CBD Hemp Oil

    Have an anxious or hyper dog that needs to chill out? Give your dog some serenity this holiday season with The Anxious Pet CBD Hemp Oil. This oil helps dogs relax while reducing pain, inflammation, and nausea. Keep your dog relaxed all season long while guests visit for the holidays! The Anxious Pet CBD Hemp Oil or the complete calming kit on their website.

    8. Portland Pet Food Meal

    Variety is the spice of life and with Portland Pet Food Company's Food meals you can give your dog a delicious meal without any harsh preservatives! This food topper is human-grade and made and sourced in the USA, and can be used as a supplemental meal while traveling with your dog during the holidays! Portland Pet Food is a family-owned, sustainable pet brand, and can be found on or on their website.

    9. Earthbath Ultra-Mild Puppy Wipes

    Did your dog have fun in the sun and dirt and need a fast, effective way to wipe the dirt off your dog's paws before they enter the house? Earthbath Ultra-Mild Puppy Wipes wipe all the dirt away with one easy swipe. These wipes are plant-based, alcohol free, vegan, and non-GMO, helping to wipe away dirt and odor in between bath days. Made with avocado oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E, these wipes can help moisturize your dog's paws and coats! These wipes can be found at Petco, Amazon, or on their website.

    10. Pet Naturals' Impawsibly Good™ Treat

    Need a guilt-free treat for your dog to treat them this holiday season? Look no further with Pet Naturals Impawsibly Good™ Treats! These are vegetarian protein treats with savory flavors! These treats come in a variety of flavors and are Impawsibly Good™ and paw-sitively irresistible! These treats are avaliable on Amazon or on their website.

    11. VetriScience Perio Dental Powder / Via

    A gift that will keep on giving all year long! Keep your dog's dental health in perfect shape with VetriScience Perio Support Powder, helping to support healthy teeth and gums while combating plaque and tartar. Simply sprinkle a dash of this powder on top of your dog's food to help maintain a clean mouth and fresh breath that will keep your dog smiling all year long! Vetriscience Perio Support Powder is available at Petco, Amazon, or on their website.

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