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This May Be The Best Political Campaign Video Ever

Boo Detch has penned a ridiculously catchy song about her brother's run for congress in West Virginia

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We've all seen stuffy campaign ads, full of boring political jargon, right?

Well, Barbara "Boo" Detch, the sister and Public Relations Manager for Democratic candidate, Matt Detch, has produced a catchy musical number paying homage to her brother's campaign.

Matt Detch for US Congress: The Musical

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The song is equal parts earworm, angry and mournful, but is an all round testament to the special relationship shared by brothers and sisters.

And if Boo seems familiar, you're right! You may remember her from her ode to Cadbury Crème Eggs which went viral last year. Well, Boo has drawn upon these same talents to produce the song, titled 'Matt Detch for Us Congress: The Musical'.

Boo wrote the lyrics, composed the music, sang, played piano and produced the final mix and video. The song has already received 12,000 views on YouTube.

Barbara "Boo" Detch

Barbara Detch / Via

The 28 year old put her aspiring music career on hold to return to Lewisburg from Los Angeles and take up the role of Public Relations Manager. However, Boo wanted to draw on these other talents to spread her brother's message as he runs for congress in West Virginia's 3rd district.

Please note: The candidate did not officially endorse or approve the video. Siblings, hey?

Matt and his dog, Sydney
Matt Detch / Via

Matt and his dog, Sydney

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